Monday, 9 March 2015

'Just Corkered' Corkers Crisps

Best friends since childhood, Ross Taylor and Rod Garnham co-founders of 'Corkers Crisps', took a daring approach launching their brand during the heat of recession. Family run farm since the 1800's, Ross was passed down all the knowledge of their tasty spuds. Originally selling their potatoes to the fish & chip industry, that soon changed to the crisp world. These clever entrepreneurs have a reason behind why they are so successful. Your probably thinking another bag of 'posh' crisps - Oh how very wrong you are. 

Supporting British Farmers

The success of this 'all-natural' British Crisp brand is by growing their own product - Signature ingredient: The Naturalo Potato. With perfect frying qualities, this is what creates the unique taste and crunch unlike the average brand. Taylor and Garnham have so much passion for the Naturalo potato it definitely shows in their delicious range of award winning crisps. 

Mostly found at Supermarkets and village shops, you might also recognise 'Corkers Crisps' if you have been a passenger on British Airways.
Corker's have given me a lovely opportunity to taste the full range of their brand. These hand cooked crisps are so unique and distinctive in flavour, definitely my first choice of crisps.
'Gressingham Duck & Hosin Sauce flavour'. - Hand cooked in sunflower oil , Corker's have partnered with Gressingham to combine their Naturalo potatoes and remarkable Duck.
Read more about their partnership.

Mama Bee says - Mouthwatering & Fantastically Crisp.

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