Thursday, 16 July 2015

5 Useful 'Moving House' Tips with Toddlers

5 Useful Tips when Moving House with a Toddler. (& with little resources)

Moving House? Stressed? Active children? 

I have written some useful tips when moving house. In my case, the other side of the world with a 2 year old. It's been 3 weeks to this day we have moved from the UK to NZ and with an empty shell & suitcases to begin with, it can be difficult to improvise!

Learning that just a couple of boxes, laughs, songs, outdoor exploring and a little imagination can go a long way - without the expense.

Moving house is known as one of life's big stresses (but it doesn't have to be).

From changing schools, moving away from family, changing direct debits and sorting out a whole new life - with children is a big task. Not to mention new jobs, and a whole new routine.

Try making the move exciting, new and enjoyable:

Out with the old, in with the new
Packing boxes can be fun when going through everything your have. Children love to help and get involved (even just by watching what you are up to). Explain why you have big boxes and that you need help sorting an clearing. Throwing away old toys are a great way to explain how your little one is growing up and moving on to 'bigger toys'. Going through old toys can also be hard especially if you have some lovely memories of them. Throwing away belongings is never easy but a clear out is essential (in our case anyway!). Ask your little one which one they remember the most and let them put it in their 'keepsake' box. 

Ask for help
Family nearby? Need to sort out something important? Need time-out? 
Just Ask. Even if it's an hour or two.
If it wasn't for an extra pair of hands then yes it would have taken longer to manage our move. Luckily we had family close by to take our son to the park- whilst going through the important stuff. Phone calls, paperwork, sorting out our finances etc. When you need full attention on something you can't have distractions so a little help is appreciated in order for the move to go smoothly. (Plus the children love playing with Nanny & Grandad!)

Day before the Move
(Make a to-do list). List's are very important to keep yourself prepared for the big day. For example your first shopping list. (This can be quite long and stressful so make sure you write everything you need!).
Again, ask your little one to help you around the isle or simply pop them in the trolley with the big shopping list (they love it!)  Your house looks so much bigger than you expected, the fridge is nearly empty and  everybody is excited and nervous. Your boxes might not arrive until a later date so make sure you pack your essentials for the first day/week! Oh, and don't forget to have a bottle of bubbly with your loved one to celebrate...

Moving Day
Moving Day, everyone is rushing and you have a dirty nappy to change. Take is easy, it will go smoothly. 
Pack a packed lunch - you might not have your pots and pans arrive yet so make plenty of everyone's favourite sandwiches!

Some Key Essentials:

1. Pen & Paper - You will always need one handy for something!
2. Toiletries 
3. Toilet Paper - always!
4. Basic food (milk, pasta, rice, bread etc).
5. Toy's for your little ones - pens, films, blocks, puzzles etc.

First Night
Your in. New home, fresh start and a totally new routine. You've made your first shop and the house is really bare. Take it step by step and soon it will become your 'home sweet home'.
If your child is bored or touching things they shouldn't, use empty boxes to make houses or roads for cars. So much can be done even with washing pegs or a simple pen & paper can keep them entertained. Your happy, it's gone better than you expected yet still plenty to do. 
Don't forget, children adapt easily to new surroundings so that's one less stress to worry about.

Now open that bubbly! 

Here in NZ, it was a big move for us. (A 30 hour journey just flying and walking through airports). - Preparation and concentration makes everything go smoothly. Bring the milk bottles, that favourite toy and plenty of little games you can pack easily.

For you and your partner just keep writing top - do lists and the top essential jobs to settle your first week.
New nursery, sign up to doctors, change address, set up your insurances/phone/etc. You will be done in a flash and the routine will follow.

Enjoy your new home!

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