Friday, 4 September 2015

Upcoming Project

'Wellies Finest' promotes a range of gourmet NZ local products containing healthy, nutritious & organic ingredients. Perfect for families, foodies & the curious all in a gift-box!

Stay tuned...

Saturday, 25 July 2015

How To Revitalise Your 'Super Parent' Energy

All Parent's know that a child wants attention - a lot of it! Whether it's playing a game, lunch time, going out. You are there, always there and in reality you feel like 'Super Mum' or 'Super Dad'. 

How are they still running about? I'm knackered!" You always try 110%. You are likely yawning before your children and you still haven't had your time yet. So what do you do?
Time management. Break down your day and see exactly what need's to be eliminated and put right to focus and balance your schedule. Children want to play? Fine. You want a few minutes to yourself? Fine. You have an important task to do? Fine. There is nothing wrong with being selfish and frankly you deserve to have your own time.

How our bodies cope with this 'Super Parent' Energy is something we are probably overwhelmed with. How are we so strong in dealing with everyday life tasks? How do parents find the time with 1, 2 or 3+ children? You should deserve a medal, even own a trophy cabinet. Nope, it's probably snot on your favourite clothing and dirty dishes at the end of the day. But, you smile. Let's not be hard on ourselves, we love it. I know I do.

One of my big stresses is time. Not enough time of the day (and it kills me). I want to give attention to my family, myself and not to mention my friends and family. Unexpected appointments can become a big event and cause stress you do not need. Simple solution. Write it down and manage your time.

Your children notice your energy - so if you give too much of it maybe lay back. Let them use their own energy - sit back and relax!

Don't be afraid to say no.

You've woken up, the children are asking for breakfast and the phone rings. Everything is going on again but you answer and it's a friend you haven't seen in a long time. She is asking to see you today (even though it's short notice they are desperate to visit). What do you do? Your instinct is to respond with a firm "Yes! Of course!" but in reality, you regret it. I have learnt over time that saying no can save a lot of time and stress to focus on other things you had to do that day (even if it's a rest day!). Time is ticking and you don't want to spend all of your energy starting a new task. - The unexpected task. These sort of things should be filled in when your diary has a blank space. (Maybe you've left it empty to have "your time" or to catch up with friends but this is probably the best way to tell your friend that you have free time another day. (even if you are also desperate to see them). They will understand.

If your day really has been overwhelming and non-stop. One simple & effective solution to calm and relax (even if it's a minute) is to just breathe... Inhale and exhale. A deep breath can be a quick fix to relax and unwind. Remind yourself your a strong person and your 'Super Parent' energy is ready for a recharge for the next day! You can do it!

Question & Answer.
How do you deal with time management?

Thursday, 23 July 2015

D.I.Y 'Seaside' Gloop

D.I.Y 'Seaside' Gloop

This week, Leon and I have been exploring the seaside life here in NZ. Not long ago, Leon managed to find a lovely collection of sea shells and stones amongst other quirky and curious items. Since that day, we have been going through them all , discovering the different patterns, textures and colours shells have.

I decided we could take things to the next level and use play-dough to explore patterns and shapes. I have the most simple and safe recipe for your little ones to play with this 'gloop' textured play-dough. There are plenty of ways to making play-dough however we went for our 'seaside' gloop and it is still being used a week later! Success!

All you need is four basic ingredients from your store cupboard and mix it well to combine a dough-like texture - as if you were making a pizza dough!

1. Flour (2 cups) plus more for kneading
2. Oil (I used olive) but any kind will do (about 1 cup)
3. Water ( half a cup) to combine.
4. Food Colouring of your choice (We used blue).

That's it! Too wet? Add more flour. Too dry? Add more water and oil.

This 'seaside' gloop was so great to play with! It is stretchy... it is squeezable and so much fun adding shells to! When Leon was finished I reused a plastic tub and stored the gloop into the fridge. The next day it seemed even better to play with!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

5 Useful 'Moving House' Tips with Toddlers

5 Useful Tips when Moving House with a Toddler. (& with little resources)

Moving House? Stressed? Active children? 

I have written some useful tips when moving house. In my case, the other side of the world with a 2 year old. It's been 3 weeks to this day we have moved from the UK to NZ and with an empty shell & suitcases to begin with, it can be difficult to improvise!

Learning that just a couple of boxes, laughs, songs, outdoor exploring and a little imagination can go a long way - without the expense.

Moving house is known as one of life's big stresses (but it doesn't have to be).

From changing schools, moving away from family, changing direct debits and sorting out a whole new life - with children is a big task. Not to mention new jobs, and a whole new routine.

Try making the move exciting, new and enjoyable:

Out with the old, in with the new
Packing boxes can be fun when going through everything your have. Children love to help and get involved (even just by watching what you are up to). Explain why you have big boxes and that you need help sorting an clearing. Throwing away old toys are a great way to explain how your little one is growing up and moving on to 'bigger toys'. Going through old toys can also be hard especially if you have some lovely memories of them. Throwing away belongings is never easy but a clear out is essential (in our case anyway!). Ask your little one which one they remember the most and let them put it in their 'keepsake' box. 

Ask for help
Family nearby? Need to sort out something important? Need time-out? 
Just Ask. Even if it's an hour or two.
If it wasn't for an extra pair of hands then yes it would have taken longer to manage our move. Luckily we had family close by to take our son to the park- whilst going through the important stuff. Phone calls, paperwork, sorting out our finances etc. When you need full attention on something you can't have distractions so a little help is appreciated in order for the move to go smoothly. (Plus the children love playing with Nanny & Grandad!)

Day before the Move
(Make a to-do list). List's are very important to keep yourself prepared for the big day. For example your first shopping list. (This can be quite long and stressful so make sure you write everything you need!).
Again, ask your little one to help you around the isle or simply pop them in the trolley with the big shopping list (they love it!)  Your house looks so much bigger than you expected, the fridge is nearly empty and  everybody is excited and nervous. Your boxes might not arrive until a later date so make sure you pack your essentials for the first day/week! Oh, and don't forget to have a bottle of bubbly with your loved one to celebrate...

Moving Day
Moving Day, everyone is rushing and you have a dirty nappy to change. Take is easy, it will go smoothly. 
Pack a packed lunch - you might not have your pots and pans arrive yet so make plenty of everyone's favourite sandwiches!

Some Key Essentials:

1. Pen & Paper - You will always need one handy for something!
2. Toiletries 
3. Toilet Paper - always!
4. Basic food (milk, pasta, rice, bread etc).
5. Toy's for your little ones - pens, films, blocks, puzzles etc.

First Night
Your in. New home, fresh start and a totally new routine. You've made your first shop and the house is really bare. Take it step by step and soon it will become your 'home sweet home'.
If your child is bored or touching things they shouldn't, use empty boxes to make houses or roads for cars. So much can be done even with washing pegs or a simple pen & paper can keep them entertained. Your happy, it's gone better than you expected yet still plenty to do. 
Don't forget, children adapt easily to new surroundings so that's one less stress to worry about.

Now open that bubbly! 

Here in NZ, it was a big move for us. (A 30 hour journey just flying and walking through airports). - Preparation and concentration makes everything go smoothly. Bring the milk bottles, that favourite toy and plenty of little games you can pack easily.

For you and your partner just keep writing top - do lists and the top essential jobs to settle your first week.
New nursery, sign up to doctors, change address, set up your insurances/phone/etc. You will be done in a flash and the routine will follow.

Enjoy your new home!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Luxurious CoYo Yoghurt

CO YO Coconut Vegan yoghurt alternative
A gift from the 'Tree of Life'

Mama Bee has been following the coconut journey for over a month now. More and more research show that this 'superfood' has an endless list of healing power. From the hydrating coconut water to the 'MCFA's' coconut oil containing healthy saturated fat. Researching the nutrition, it's uses and overall benefits - I can confirm I'm coconut mad!

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut free, Soya Free, Egg free.

'Freshly squeezed cream from the flesh of the coconut'.
CO YO have sent me their range of vegan yoghurt alternatives. Using freshly squeezed cream from the flesh of the coconut, CO YO have produced a 'Heaven in a mouthful' range with plenty of choices to offer. I will warn you that these pots are high in calories but remember, these are good fats and a brilliant source of energy or as an indulging snack. Already using and eating coconut oil this past month this was so exciting for me to try!

'Raw Chocolate'
raw chocolate yogurt

The first yoghurt I was keen to try was the tempting 'raw chocolate'! My first impressions was that in comparison to a regular Greek yoghurt, this was a far thicker texture.
Stirring the yoghurt , the coconut blended together to a creamy texture which looked heavenly! I tried the raw chocolate goodness and it was so so delicious. You can really taste the richness and goodness with a lovely chocolate coconut kick. I would recommend this more of a dessert.
Leon loved this yoghurt too!

Moving on to trying the other yoghurt's I was really tempted to try the 'Vanilla' version. I can tell these are high quality yoghurt just from seeing the vanilla pod seeds in the pot! What a lovely combination to try coconut and vanilla pairing together for a creamy dessert! I have to say, this was my favourite flavour so far! Not as thick as the raw chocolate and very subtle in flavour so could finish the pot in no trouble at all! (Again high in calories from the natural coconut so don't go overboard!) I can honestly say it was delicious! So excited to find out Ocado stock COYO.

The next day I waited to try the other flavours: Original, Mango and Mixed Berries. I have to say, tasting these were different from yesterday's. The fruit compote layer at the bottom of the pot made the texture of the yoghurt thinner and less rich than the chocolate and vanilla. Best way to describe these yoghurt's were the freshness and fruity flavour , mmm!

Understanding the coconut and it's values I will definitely keep using this 'superfood' with my family and daily lifestyle. COYO have created a wonderful product, dedicating their love for the coconut.

Please visit COYO to find out the entire journey & range!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

'Feature Wednesday' Food-Grade Perfume


This week's winner is Jennifer over at 'Study At Home Mama' with her fun, sensory activity: 'Make your own perfume' post. Children get to create their own 'formula' and experiment - a great way to keep your child 'busy'. 
For the full post of 'Make your own perfume' ,please click HERE. 

Make your own child-safe perfume with food extracts - a great sensory activity for kids

Set-up for making your own perfume with kids - a great sensory activity!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My 1 month's Hair Journey with Hairburst

My Hair Journey with Hairburst

1 month's supply

'Grow Healthy, longer hair'
Hairburst, a UK based natural health supplements company have sent Mama Bee Simple their 1 month's supply of their natural hair growth vitamins. Before I carry on I want to assure you that my hair journey is 100% followed by the instructions of the bottle. The bottle contains 60 capsules - 2 capsules per day,  promising to give you healthier, longer and stronger hair. Delivered worldwide, it seems that everyone is talking about this product! 
I'm excited to find out the results. Of course, patience is required...

I may have long hair, but it's hard to maintain giving me broken ends.

Before you start thinking, but she already has long hair. What is the point? It has taken me YEARS to grow this out. Note: I do NOT straighten my hair any more due to problems of hair breakage in the past. (This has made my hair stronger already). Another problem I suffered for was hair loss during breast feeding (literally bald spots on the front of my hairline). Naturally fine, thin hair I find that it breaks easily, or get's damaged.

Tip: If you want healthy hair, ditch the straighteners and blow dry straight using medium heat and heat protection.

Healthy diet containing plenty of nutritious food's help keep your hair in better condition and overall strength.

So why use Hairburst?
Hairburst use essential vitamins and nutrients that your hair craves for healthy, stronger and longer hair. Preventing a common problem of mine such as hair thinning, these capsules contain 'silica' which is a vital supplement for thin hair. - Restoring vitality and even hair loss!
Biotin improves the levels of keratin in the body leading to hair growth and Hairburst provide a high level for your 'hair boost'. Collagen is a type of protein which acts a barrier to dry and brittle hair. - Vitamin C helps boost the collagen (also included in the formula). BCAA's are a fuel source providing energy for hair cells and skeletal muscles (athletes favourite supplement). MSM (full of essential sulphur) providing a longer growing phase (before resting and shedding) meaning longer, fuller hair.I'm combining my healthy lifestyle with these daily capsules to see a result. So far, so good!

Full list of ingredients and their benefits can be found HERE

Week 1, Day 1 - 64cm

Week 1 - Day 1- 64cm
Week 2 - Day 14 - 64.5cm
Week 4 - Final Day! 66cm


Using Hairburst on a daily basis throughout the month was a new experience. I learnt that I needed key nutrients for my hair to be healthy and strong. I noticed less hair on my hairbrush that I would usually have whilst brushing my hair. Overall I'm happy with the hair length and noticed my hair grow much quick than usual. (My hairdresser is coming this week to re-colour and she will definitely notice!)
I highly recommend this product if you want healthy, stronger hair. This vitamins contain everything your hair needs for it's full potential. Please let me know how you get on with this product! I would love to hear from you.

You can buy this product HERE.

#Week15 'Feature Wednesday'

#Week15 of 'Feature Wednesday' has arrived!

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Friday, 5 June 2015

Poached Egg 'Hack'

Eggs are a staple ingredient in our family and are eaten almost daily. We like them poached, scrambled, boiled, fried and pickled! You try your hardest not to drop an egg and you try your hardest to cook them perfectly...

Who would have thought that watching a morning breakfast show would have changed my 'poached eggs' forever...
Usually these shows have a common family recipe however poached eggs were involved with a very handy tip!

As I watched this demonstration I couldn't believe how simple and easy this 'cheat' was. Poaching egg's the old fashioned way never came out 'perfect'. Usually ending up in stringy pieces, I need to figure out how on earth people could cook a decent poached egg!

Originally this tip claims to be from British chef 'Jamie Oliver' who has mentioned it to his viewers before. I want to share this successful tip to you all and see if you can improve and love your egg's, breakfast, lunch or dinner!

What you will need:
A small bowl
Cling film
Eggs (however many you plan to poach)
Pan of simmering water
TimerOil to grease the clingfilm

Firstly you want your pan of water to be 'simmering' and not boiling. Next, tear off enough cling film so that your small bowl is covered (with the edges overlapping). Lightly greasing the cling film, simply crack your egg in the middle of the bowl and pick up each corner of the cling film carefully. You then twist as tightly as your can and leave to one side until you have done the desired amount of eggs.
When your happy your water is at 'simmering stage'. Next pop your eggs into the pan (I use 4 max per pan) and leave to cook. If you like your egg's runny inside then 3 minutes is perfect, and 5 is usually the maximum time. When your happy your egg's are ready, unravel your mini parcel's and serve!
Crack black pepper or tear off some cress for a finishing touch!

If you try this method please get in touch, I would love to see how this works for you and your family!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Feature Wednesday 'Teaching Kids To Count'


This week's winner is Sheryl over at 'Teaching 2 to 3 Year Olds' with her playful selection of 'teaching kids to count' post. Children need to engage activities using fun and exciting concepts. We all know each individual child is unique and have their own way of understanding something new. Sheryl has provided wonderful activities for all children to get involved - whatever their level!  
teaching kids how to count
For the full post of 'Teaching Kids to Count' ,please click HERE. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Week #14 'Feature Wednesday'

#Week14 of 'Feature Wednesday' has arrived!

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Cardboard Tube Tunnel

This week has been pretty busy, especially since we have shipped most of Leon's beloved toys to a container for New Zealand! I needed to keep Leon entertained and a basic idea was using a cardboard tube we found at granddad's house.

There are always plenty of recyclable items in our house that I know with a little effort, can be turned into something fun. Cereal boxes, yoghurt pots and even toilet rolls are usually ended up in the rubbish bin waiting to be thrown out. With Leon always looking for something to do or play with, I decided to use the cardboard tube we kept from Granddad. Luckily I have also kept my masking tape (from art school), (great for sticking and removing off objects easily). I simply placed the cardboard tube on the side of my cabinet and secured with masking tape. Leon used his stickers to customise his cardboard tube before using pasta shells and plastic strips (from a different toy) to throw down the tube and catch into the box/pan. 

'Phew' , time to start dinner now! (Great frugal/quiet time game whilst you carry on your chores!) Leon loved this and it is still stuck to the cabinet waiting to be used again and again.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Feature Wednesday 'Toddler-Proof Painted T-Shirts'

This week's winner is Jamie over at 'Hands On As We Go' with her fantastic D.I.Y 'Toddler-proof painted t-shirts' keepsake (craft or gift) tutorial post. This creative & colourful activity is full of fun! What's better than wearing your own unique designs?! This would be a great keepsake for Father's day that is coming up!

The children will 
learn how objects create different patterns and textures. This activity can be enjoyed by anyone ... T-shirt party anyone?! This is an exciting and relaxing activity for the children who can focus on their (craft/gift) and put their best effort into it. 

For the full post & tutorial to make your own 'Toddler-Proof Painted T-Shirts,please click HERE. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Week #13 'Feature Wednesday'

#Week13 of 'Feature Wednesday' has arrived!

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Vita Coco 'Organic Coconut Oil'

This month Mama Bee has been 'coconut mad' learning the uses and benefits of the mighty coconut. The sweet, inviting smell is enough to tempt me but I must admit I didn't really understand how this 'super food' could be so good for us inside and out.

The perfect oil?

There are many natural oils out there and with so much choice that can be really confusing. We like to keep frugal and organised whilst understanding what we really use on a daily basis. I think what we have to learn is what natural oils truly do for us. You might already have your 'perfect oil' that you are really happy with providing great results but is it a versatile oil? Does it have the same benefits as coconut oil?  The real question is 'What does Coconut oil do for me?' Recently I watched a documentary about eating fat in our diet and how we simply cannot ignore the fact our body needs the 'good fats'. Nuts, oily/fatty fish, olive oil, avocado and many more. I have now understood the importance of eating this food group into my everyday lifestyle and the energy boost really helps. (My skin has improved, hair and nails as well as my mood and energy). Regards to the coconut I didn't truly believe it could be the ultimate food and beauty source we need for everyday life.
Recently sampling food's containing coconut water as the main ingredient (producing non dairy products), I have been keen to understand the coconut oil and it's benefits. Life-changing.

Oil's are everywhere... expensive too... so which one?

More and more of us are realising that natural oils are important and kind to our well-being. Women can now make their own D.I.Y beauty products for themselves or even gifts. We are not being frowned upon as we realise they are better for us than the commercial & expensive alternatives. They don't contain potential harmful chemicals and are completely natural which is now a common thing we look for on product labels. Common problems such as dry skin, dull hair, tough nails, chapped lips etc can be helped with natural oils. Some people prefer to use coconut oil in the kitchen as it can tolerate high heat without loosing it's vital properties as well as having lower calories! Many 'good' oils like argan oil, avocado oil, olive oil, rosehip seed oil, are what people use but really isn't it better to have one that does the lot? 

 Vita Coco - 'Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Oil'

In order to fully understand the benefits and uses of coconut oil, Vita Coco have sent me a jar of their own. I was so excited to finally experience what coconut oil does for me and my body. As soon as I opened the glass jar the smell hit me. Instantly I thought I was walking alongside a tropical island on a sunny day. It might sound like I've got insane but I can assure you it's true! This oil can be used for eating, cooking or a part of your beauty regime!
Coconut oil sets at room temperature so don't pour any of this stuff down your drain! 

I scooped out a little of the oil where it started to melt from the heat of my hands. I rubbed my hands together for the oil to warm through and then applied on my arms. Immediately I noticed how much thinner and pleasant this oil was compared to my heavier/greasier oils. After about 3 minutes the oil soaked into my skin that left me glowing and smelling amazing. 
Next I decided to apply the oil on my face - scrubbed and cleansed beforehand. I rubbed the oil along my cheeks and nose, then spread onto the rest of my face. The sensation was lovely and left me with a healthy looking glow. 10 minutes later (oil nicely sunk through) I decided to do my usual make up routine. My make up lasted all day!
Converted and coconut mad, I began using the oil in my hair which has made it look so much healthier and nourished!
I wanted to start using this oil in the kitchen so I decided to mix a little coconut oil with my peanut butter (100% peanut butter) as a spread - again (Amazing!)

You can buy your own 'vita coco coconut oil' by clicking here

Overall I believe Vita Coco provide an affordable, high quality coconut oil which we all need in our cupboard. Coconut oil is truly so versatile I cannot stress enough how useful it really is. Value for money considering it is a widely used ingredient throughout the day. Please try Vita Coco for yourself... you will be pleasantly surprised!

Leon enjoying his 'Vita Coco' Coconut water Juice drink

Friday, 22 May 2015

#Week12 'All Season Hand & Fingerprint Tree'

Thank you for everyone that got involved in #Week 12's 'Feature Wednesday' Link Party. 

You all have wonderful & inspirational ideas - it's so great to see your sharing them.

DIY All Season Hand and Fingerprint Tree
This week's winner is Nell over at 'Rhythms of Play' with her beautiful D.I.Y 'All Season Hand & Fingerprint Tree' keepsake (craft or gift) tutorial post. This fantastic & simple activity is full of colour and fun! The children will learn different colour pallets throughout the year, understand how seasons change as well as practise their art skills. I would say this is a relaxing activity for the children to really focus on their (craft/gift) and put their best effort into it. (Mum's join in or simply sit back and relax!)

DIY All Season Hand and Fingerprint Tree

Nell makes sure she provides full of inspirational ideas to her readers by 
sharing, teaching and inspiring others. 
To learn how to make your own 'All Season Hand & Fingerprint Tree,please click HERE. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Week #12 'Feature Wednesday'

#Week12 of 'Feature Wednesday' has arrived!

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#Week12 Theme: #Explore #Fun #Worksheets #Home School #Learning

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Mama Bee knows that you all have some wonderful creations and spend so much time wanting to share so here is a lovely opportunity!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Coconut Collaborative

Founded by the creator of Gu puddings and a nutritionist, say hello to 'The Coconut Collaborative'.
Made from the milk of coconut, this dairy, soya and gluten free tempting yoghurt is a luscious alternative. 'The Coconut Collaborative' have a mission to teach and spread the 'coco-love'. Determined to give something back to the planet and it's people, they are planting coconut trees, helping farmers and supporting charities. 

The mighty coconut has plenty of properties and 'good fats' that 'The Coconut Collaborative' can't get enough of. Whether your a yoghurt lover or a frozen yoghurt indulger, ('Snowconut') this creamy Summery dessert is a great substitute without feeling the guilt.

Let's follow the 'coco-love' mission on Facebook and Twitter.


Bursting with antioxidants and vitamins, this silky-smooth yoghurt surrounded by a beautifully illustrated fact card , I had to try it.
A refreshing burst of coconut milk and a memorable creamy texture.

Mango & Passion Fruit

'Mango & Passion fruit'

Juicy tropical mango, passion fruit compote combined with delicious coconut yoghurt. Heaven.
The passion fruit compote really made this a tropical treat!
You can view the full yoghurt range here.

Chocolate Snowconut

'Chocolate Snowconut'

Creamy chocolate frozen yoghurt alternative -  bursting with life-giving goodness. Surely that's a temptation in itself! I tried this on a beautiful sunny day and my... I'm going coco-mad. A delicious dessert for everyone to enjoy.

Raspberry Snowconut

'Raspberry Snowconut'

Filled with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Who knew a delicious dessert would be super good for us? Frozen coconut yoghurt and a tang of raspberries. Superb!

Full frozen range can be seen here.

Let's follow the 'coco-love' mission on FacebookTwitter.