Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My 1 month's Hair Journey with Hairburst

My Hair Journey with Hairburst

1 month's supply

'Grow Healthy, longer hair'
Hairburst, a UK based natural health supplements company have sent Mama Bee Simple their 1 month's supply of their natural hair growth vitamins. Before I carry on I want to assure you that my hair journey is 100% followed by the instructions of the bottle. The bottle contains 60 capsules - 2 capsules per day,  promising to give you healthier, longer and stronger hair. Delivered worldwide, it seems that everyone is talking about this product! 
I'm excited to find out the results. Of course, patience is required...

I may have long hair, but it's hard to maintain giving me broken ends.

Before you start thinking, but she already has long hair. What is the point? It has taken me YEARS to grow this out. Note: I do NOT straighten my hair any more due to problems of hair breakage in the past. (This has made my hair stronger already). Another problem I suffered for was hair loss during breast feeding (literally bald spots on the front of my hairline). Naturally fine, thin hair I find that it breaks easily, or get's damaged.

Tip: If you want healthy hair, ditch the straighteners and blow dry straight using medium heat and heat protection.

Healthy diet containing plenty of nutritious food's help keep your hair in better condition and overall strength.

So why use Hairburst?
Hairburst use essential vitamins and nutrients that your hair craves for healthy, stronger and longer hair. Preventing a common problem of mine such as hair thinning, these capsules contain 'silica' which is a vital supplement for thin hair. - Restoring vitality and even hair loss!
Biotin improves the levels of keratin in the body leading to hair growth and Hairburst provide a high level for your 'hair boost'. Collagen is a type of protein which acts a barrier to dry and brittle hair. - Vitamin C helps boost the collagen (also included in the formula). BCAA's are a fuel source providing energy for hair cells and skeletal muscles (athletes favourite supplement). MSM (full of essential sulphur) providing a longer growing phase (before resting and shedding) meaning longer, fuller hair.I'm combining my healthy lifestyle with these daily capsules to see a result. So far, so good!

Full list of ingredients and their benefits can be found HERE

Week 1, Day 1 - 64cm

Week 1 - Day 1- 64cm
Week 2 - Day 14 - 64.5cm
Week 4 - Final Day! 66cm


Using Hairburst on a daily basis throughout the month was a new experience. I learnt that I needed key nutrients for my hair to be healthy and strong. I noticed less hair on my hairbrush that I would usually have whilst brushing my hair. Overall I'm happy with the hair length and noticed my hair grow much quick than usual. (My hairdresser is coming this week to re-colour and she will definitely notice!)
I highly recommend this product if you want healthy, stronger hair. This vitamins contain everything your hair needs for it's full potential. Please let me know how you get on with this product! I would love to hear from you.

You can buy this product HERE.

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