Friday, 5 June 2015

Poached Egg 'Hack'

Eggs are a staple ingredient in our family and are eaten almost daily. We like them poached, scrambled, boiled, fried and pickled! You try your hardest not to drop an egg and you try your hardest to cook them perfectly...

Who would have thought that watching a morning breakfast show would have changed my 'poached eggs' forever...
Usually these shows have a common family recipe however poached eggs were involved with a very handy tip!

As I watched this demonstration I couldn't believe how simple and easy this 'cheat' was. Poaching egg's the old fashioned way never came out 'perfect'. Usually ending up in stringy pieces, I need to figure out how on earth people could cook a decent poached egg!

Originally this tip claims to be from British chef 'Jamie Oliver' who has mentioned it to his viewers before. I want to share this successful tip to you all and see if you can improve and love your egg's, breakfast, lunch or dinner!

What you will need:
A small bowl
Cling film
Eggs (however many you plan to poach)
Pan of simmering water
TimerOil to grease the clingfilm

Firstly you want your pan of water to be 'simmering' and not boiling. Next, tear off enough cling film so that your small bowl is covered (with the edges overlapping). Lightly greasing the cling film, simply crack your egg in the middle of the bowl and pick up each corner of the cling film carefully. You then twist as tightly as your can and leave to one side until you have done the desired amount of eggs.
When your happy your water is at 'simmering stage'. Next pop your eggs into the pan (I use 4 max per pan) and leave to cook. If you like your egg's runny inside then 3 minutes is perfect, and 5 is usually the maximum time. When your happy your egg's are ready, unravel your mini parcel's and serve!
Crack black pepper or tear off some cress for a finishing touch!

If you try this method please get in touch, I would love to see how this works for you and your family!

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