Saturday, 23 May 2015

Vita Coco 'Organic Coconut Oil'

This month Mama Bee has been 'coconut mad' learning the uses and benefits of the mighty coconut. The sweet, inviting smell is enough to tempt me but I must admit I didn't really understand how this 'super food' could be so good for us inside and out.

The perfect oil?

There are many natural oils out there and with so much choice that can be really confusing. We like to keep frugal and organised whilst understanding what we really use on a daily basis. I think what we have to learn is what natural oils truly do for us. You might already have your 'perfect oil' that you are really happy with providing great results but is it a versatile oil? Does it have the same benefits as coconut oil?  The real question is 'What does Coconut oil do for me?' Recently I watched a documentary about eating fat in our diet and how we simply cannot ignore the fact our body needs the 'good fats'. Nuts, oily/fatty fish, olive oil, avocado and many more. I have now understood the importance of eating this food group into my everyday lifestyle and the energy boost really helps. (My skin has improved, hair and nails as well as my mood and energy). Regards to the coconut I didn't truly believe it could be the ultimate food and beauty source we need for everyday life.
Recently sampling food's containing coconut water as the main ingredient (producing non dairy products), I have been keen to understand the coconut oil and it's benefits. Life-changing.

Oil's are everywhere... expensive too... so which one?

More and more of us are realising that natural oils are important and kind to our well-being. Women can now make their own D.I.Y beauty products for themselves or even gifts. We are not being frowned upon as we realise they are better for us than the commercial & expensive alternatives. They don't contain potential harmful chemicals and are completely natural which is now a common thing we look for on product labels. Common problems such as dry skin, dull hair, tough nails, chapped lips etc can be helped with natural oils. Some people prefer to use coconut oil in the kitchen as it can tolerate high heat without loosing it's vital properties as well as having lower calories! Many 'good' oils like argan oil, avocado oil, olive oil, rosehip seed oil, are what people use but really isn't it better to have one that does the lot? 

 Vita Coco - 'Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Oil'

In order to fully understand the benefits and uses of coconut oil, Vita Coco have sent me a jar of their own. I was so excited to finally experience what coconut oil does for me and my body. As soon as I opened the glass jar the smell hit me. Instantly I thought I was walking alongside a tropical island on a sunny day. It might sound like I've got insane but I can assure you it's true! This oil can be used for eating, cooking or a part of your beauty regime!
Coconut oil sets at room temperature so don't pour any of this stuff down your drain! 

I scooped out a little of the oil where it started to melt from the heat of my hands. I rubbed my hands together for the oil to warm through and then applied on my arms. Immediately I noticed how much thinner and pleasant this oil was compared to my heavier/greasier oils. After about 3 minutes the oil soaked into my skin that left me glowing and smelling amazing. 
Next I decided to apply the oil on my face - scrubbed and cleansed beforehand. I rubbed the oil along my cheeks and nose, then spread onto the rest of my face. The sensation was lovely and left me with a healthy looking glow. 10 minutes later (oil nicely sunk through) I decided to do my usual make up routine. My make up lasted all day!
Converted and coconut mad, I began using the oil in my hair which has made it look so much healthier and nourished!
I wanted to start using this oil in the kitchen so I decided to mix a little coconut oil with my peanut butter (100% peanut butter) as a spread - again (Amazing!)

You can buy your own 'vita coco coconut oil' by clicking here

Overall I believe Vita Coco provide an affordable, high quality coconut oil which we all need in our cupboard. Coconut oil is truly so versatile I cannot stress enough how useful it really is. Value for money considering it is a widely used ingredient throughout the day. Please try Vita Coco for yourself... you will be pleasantly surprised!

Leon enjoying his 'Vita Coco' Coconut water Juice drink


  1. Coconut have profound positive effects on health. If you're a busy mom and want something healthy for your kids then you can also try banana oat Greek yogurt muffins.

  2. Jennifer Tammy27 May 2015 at 13:50

    I'm a huge fan of using coconut oil as a clenser, but I got away from it for some reason in the winter (of all seasons!) -- this is a great reminder of why I need to start doing that again! :)