Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Coconut Collaborative

Founded by the creator of Gu puddings and a nutritionist, say hello to 'The Coconut Collaborative'.
Made from the milk of coconut, this dairy, soya and gluten free tempting yoghurt is a luscious alternative. 'The Coconut Collaborative' have a mission to teach and spread the 'coco-love'. Determined to give something back to the planet and it's people, they are planting coconut trees, helping farmers and supporting charities. 

The mighty coconut has plenty of properties and 'good fats' that 'The Coconut Collaborative' can't get enough of. Whether your a yoghurt lover or a frozen yoghurt indulger, ('Snowconut') this creamy Summery dessert is a great substitute without feeling the guilt.

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Bursting with antioxidants and vitamins, this silky-smooth yoghurt surrounded by a beautifully illustrated fact card , I had to try it.
A refreshing burst of coconut milk and a memorable creamy texture.

Mango & Passion Fruit

'Mango & Passion fruit'

Juicy tropical mango, passion fruit compote combined with delicious coconut yoghurt. Heaven.
The passion fruit compote really made this a tropical treat!
You can view the full yoghurt range here.

Chocolate Snowconut

'Chocolate Snowconut'

Creamy chocolate frozen yoghurt alternative -  bursting with life-giving goodness. Surely that's a temptation in itself! I tried this on a beautiful sunny day and my... I'm going coco-mad. A delicious dessert for everyone to enjoy.

Raspberry Snowconut

'Raspberry Snowconut'

Filled with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Who knew a delicious dessert would be super good for us? Frozen coconut yoghurt and a tang of raspberries. Superb!

Full frozen range can be seen here.

Let's follow the 'coco-love' mission on FacebookTwitter.

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