Thursday, 23 July 2015

D.I.Y 'Seaside' Gloop

D.I.Y 'Seaside' Gloop

This week, Leon and I have been exploring the seaside life here in NZ. Not long ago, Leon managed to find a lovely collection of sea shells and stones amongst other quirky and curious items. Since that day, we have been going through them all , discovering the different patterns, textures and colours shells have.

I decided we could take things to the next level and use play-dough to explore patterns and shapes. I have the most simple and safe recipe for your little ones to play with this 'gloop' textured play-dough. There are plenty of ways to making play-dough however we went for our 'seaside' gloop and it is still being used a week later! Success!

All you need is four basic ingredients from your store cupboard and mix it well to combine a dough-like texture - as if you were making a pizza dough!

1. Flour (2 cups) plus more for kneading
2. Oil (I used olive) but any kind will do (about 1 cup)
3. Water ( half a cup) to combine.
4. Food Colouring of your choice (We used blue).

That's it! Too wet? Add more flour. Too dry? Add more water and oil.

This 'seaside' gloop was so great to play with! It is stretchy... it is squeezable and so much fun adding shells to! When Leon was finished I reused a plastic tub and stored the gloop into the fridge. The next day it seemed even better to play with!

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