Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Coconut Oil Beauty Recipes: Products You'll Want To Eat

Coconut Oil - This tropical oil has become widely talked about the past few years. The versatility and health benefits of coconut oil are endless. The popularity has probably risen due to the low cost and it's endless uses.

Many people want a reliable and versatile product they can trust, (of course) but did you know that Coconut Oil has got hundreds of different uses? From cleaning the home to cooking and using in you skincare? There would be an endless list of what coconut oil can be used for.

When I started using Coconut Oil (2 years ago) I can honestly say I was blown away by the results as well as my savings. I'm currently using it during my pregnancy to help with stretch marks, it's fantastic! I have also been eliminating harsh chemicals (daily) and saved money from costly moisturisers and makeup removers. Who doesn't want that?
I have set up a list for you to browse, learn & enjoy some D.I.Y Coconut Oil beauty recipes, so good in fact you'll want to eat them! NOM!

D.I.Y Cranberry Coconut Lip Gloss & Cheek Stain Hello Glow have shared an incredibly easy & beautiful DIY lip gloss and cheek stain. Maybe your looking for some cute gifts to make? Or trying out new ways to make yourself something healthy & safe to use. It looks so delicious, what product do you know is safe to eat? Full printable instructions are in the link

Lemon and Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub Who doesn't want a fresh, zesty sugar scrub to wake you up in the morning? Chic California have shared a genius and simple recipe for you to make for yourself or as cute gifts!

D.I.Y Coffee Scrub for Glowing Skin For me, nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee. There is something about coffee that just makes me feel warm and good. Having found this coconut oil & coffee scrub and learning it's benefits has made this the ultimate skincare D.I.Y!

Whipped Chocolate Body Butter The Coconut Mama has shared an all natural, velvety chocolate body butter - you can actually eat! Although not recommended, there is no harm licking it off your finger! Yum!

D.I.Y Orange Body Butter A fresh & energising shaving foam or moisturiser you can make from home, delicious! And only 4 ingredients...

Edible Brown Sugar Lip Scrub With Honey & Coconut Wow, how great does this look? What another lovely gift idea, get's rid of dead skin on your lips and moisturises at the same time with honey... delicious!

DIY Oatmeal Brown Sugar Scrub Leaves your skin feeling super soft & it's great for sensitive skin too. The oatmeal makes it look so tasty!

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