Thursday, 19 March 2015

Feature Wednesday 'Stuffed Animal Jet Pack'

Thank you for everyone that got involved in yesterday's #Week4 'Feature Wednesday' Linky Party. 
You all have wonderful & inspirational ideas - it's so great to see your sharing them.

This week's winner is Janine over at 'Encourage Play' with her 'Stuffed Animal Jet Pack' tutorial.
Janine's inspired and recyclable 'Jet Packs' are a hit for the kids! I love knowing that the children will be running around all day, role-playing and having fun! (Not to mention it's all recycled!) - this just had to be a Feature Wednesday winner!

For the full post please visit HERE.

Stuffed animal jet packs by Encourage Play

                                                                                                                 Here's the jet pack in action!

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