Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pip & Nut 'Nut Butter'

Additive-Free, Vegan, 'Real Food' Nut Butter
A 'real food' British company based in London. No palm oil, no preservatives, no e-numbers and no fuss. Originally sold at Maltby Street Market in London, due to high demand Pip's small scale production couldn't keep up. Now sold in Selfridge's and other leading stores,  no wonder I'm so excited to be reviewing the wonderful range of real nut butters from Pip & Nut.

'Peanut Butter', 'Almond Butter' & 'Coconut Almond Butter'

Who's Pip?
As a runner, Pip was always on the lookout for delicious things to eat before heading out into the great outdoors. As a firm believer that food should be super tasty, yet packed with nutrients and energy she began making her own nut butters.

Let's talk Peanut Butter
Some people might say peanut butter is high in calories therefore avoid eating it. Definitely take those thoughts away - it's a great energy source contain good fats that are essential for a healthy diet. Pip & Nut are passionate about their range of nut butters they invented the genius nut butter sachets. Perfect for your lunch box and perfect if you are watching your portion control intake.
First impressions of this high quality product? Nourishing.
I opened my Peanut Butter sachet and spread this on my toast, topped with chopped banana and a drizzle of honey. (I have walked about 3 miles at the time so needed some energy!) Smooth, filling and packed of healthy fats. I felt fantastic, like I could walk another 3 miles! Perfect energy boost.
Not only do Pip & Nut use the highest quality nuts, they know that by keeping the ingredients simple and real it will always taste the best.

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