Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ceramics Café

This morning Leon was awaiting a very crafty day. Little did he know it was going to involve ceramics... "Don't forget your 10 o'clock appointment!" where the exact words from Nanny.
I was invited by the family to the new "Ceramics Café" which has recently opened and only a short walk away from home! I have always walked past it thinking I'd give it a go and it was definitely a treat to finally be able to try!

When we arrived, we where greeted and shown all the different paints, tools, stamps, effects and the basic how - to's. Around us where different ceramic items, from piggy banks to plates to jugs. Plenty to choose from and definitely the hardest part.

We where each given an apron and one for Leon which was very handy! The paints are water based to easy to wash away and safe to use for little hands.
We had a two hour session and that went by so quickly but we all finished and loved every second. Leon was enjoying himself and made a present for Daddy. The lady has put it in the Kiln and will glaze it to finish for Saturday. Can't wait to see the result!

If you are lucky to have a shop similar to this definitely go especially when you've made something unique too!

Mama Bee


  1. cute idea I love doing these kind of work

  2. Thank you! It is brilliant, at first I thought the cafe wouldn't do well as our town is fairly small and businesses aren't doing great at the moment, but it's pleasantly surprised us all!
    Just to let you know if you want to share a post on my page I now have uploaded a free linky post and if you win I'll write a review on it :)

    Good luck!