Sunday, 8 February 2015

'Valentines' Pizza

Valentines day is around the corner and with time on our hands, budgets and finding that perfect gift it gets a little stressful to organise! Some people love to dress up and dine out (easy option) but I find it is always so busy. Don't get me wrong it is a lovely treat at times but we can do that any day! This year we decided to stay in and watch a film with some cocktails & chocolate! So what's the plan for dinner? I thought of making a simple, tasty & healthy Pizza. Heart- shaped of course! Home-made is always romantic and fun. You can be as creative as you like and if your on a budget this is the perfect way of sending your love to someone.
This has got to be the most basic pizza I have ever made, every Saturday night is pizza night in our family. Toppings usually consist of plenty of vegetables, meat & sometimes capers or prosciutto and rocket leaves. The variations are endless...
As this is a simple recipe your children can easily get involved. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut heart courgettes. The topping was literally 3 basic ingredients, passata for the base, cheddar cheese and courgette.

To make this pizza you need to create a basic pizza dough.

350g Plain flour
Fast action yeast (sachet)
200ml Luke warm water
Pinch of salt
glug of E.V.O

In a bowl, add your plain flour, salt and yeast. Mixed well, slowly add your water making sure your watch the dough combine together. If it's too dry add a little more water otherwise if too wet, add as little more flour. Adding olive oil, this will soften the dough and make it durable when rolling out. Leave your dough to rise for at least an hour or until doubled in size.

When your ready to roll out your pizza dough, get a pizza cutter ready to create your heart shape. It doesn't have to be perfect - remember its the thought that counts! Once your settled with your heart shape add your topping! It can be anything you like but this recipe I spread passata  around the base followed by my courgette hearts and grated cheddar cheese. Cracked black pepper to finish with!

180 degrees in the oven for 15-20 minutes, and hey presto!
Pizza for two!

(If you have any left over dough from the trimmings you can make mini bread sticks with grated cheese on the top!)


  1. Such a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day! :) Love it!

  2. Thank you! It is so much fun and looks great for what little effort goes into it !
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