Tuesday, 24 March 2015

OXO Tot's Divided Plate

Unquestionably the most useful product during the weaning stage!
Do you usually guess the portion when it comes to your child's meal time? Too much? Too little?
This divided plate (6m+) teaches you the correct portion of proteins, grains and vegetables. 'OXO Tot's Divided Plate' also features a central 'dipping tray', perfect for sauces and condiments.
There is also a removable 'outer ring', great for guiding food onto little one's utensils and keeping food ON the plate rather than falling on the floor!

We all know keeping a balanced meal for your little ones is important for growth and development, however portion control is also very important. We all need a balance of certain food groups in our meal- enough of the guessing!

OXO Tot have a wonderful weaning range on their website, all important for little ones' development stage and tools that truly will be handy.

I just had to test this fantastic product for Leon!

'A new plate for me? Yay!'

'Look at all those colours!'

I'm so pleased Leon loved his OXO Tot plate, the useful outer ring prevented the food from spilling out of the plate, yes! I highly recommend owning this divided plate. You know your child is getting that perfect portion and your children will understand the different food groups. You can find this plate HERE in various colours. 


  1. Ooh this looks great! I often wonder if I give my little one the right amounts - especially as he tends to favourite certain things! I like the idea of the outer ring to help them keep food on their cutlery and avoid spills too. Thanks for the review.

  2. Thank you for your comment! Honestly this really helps me out , realising how much veg they need each meal - my son loves cucumber and tomatoes (obsessed!)
    I would recommend this to anyone!