Saturday, 2 May 2015

'Little World's Role-Play Mat

This week, Leon has been engaging more with his 'Playmobil' & Lego figurines. His favourite 'role-play' was getting the children to go down the slide. "Park","Weeeeeeee!","Slide!".
Going through my sewing room, I went through my scrap fabric (perfect to be used as sand, water and roads'. My friend Ann from 'Little Worlds' has passion for imaginative and creative play. Mum of two, she designs and creates handmade play mat's and items for figurines. Ann loves to create 'real scenes' using stones, leaves and other objects. Inspired by 'Little Worlds' explaining the importance of role-play, I figured that Leon needed a scene for himself and let his imagination go wild.

Please visit Ann's 'Little Worlds' Etsy Shop for plenty of 'small world' play toys & gifts.

Different fabric ideas from my sewing box.
Using a rotary cutter helped achieve a clean cut for the 'seaside'.

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  1. I'm so impressed! You did an amazing job and thanks so much for the shout out to Little Worlds!