Friday, 9 January 2015

My Patina'd Heart

It's becoming almost a draining situation in regards to our local high street friendly shops.  As the internet has vastly taken over our high-streets, it shouldn't mean destroying our local community and people who want to shop where they live. It's almost as if we've lost hope and having to rely on-line won't please every body. We now live in a day of convenience and short cuts but don't realise the damage this is causing. Unfortunately the reality is good people with incredible ideas find it that much harder to make their dreams come true unless we rely on the community to bring this hope back. As a mother who takes the pram out almost daily, it brings me great sadness finding our local shops disappearing, it shouldn't be this way.

Why Craft Could Help You Live A Better Life

As a lover of craft and home-made items, I have been itching to find somewhere that holds plenty of supplies to keep me interested in the latest D.I.Y project.

Well, what joy to find a shop like "My Patina'd Heart". Central Dover, Kent. Twenty minute walk from my front door. To find a friendly shop filled with local work, supporting the community and stocking craft supplies is truly wonderful. I'm surprised how many people have been making so many things here, you realise there are many talented people who clearly enjoy what they're doing. From scrap-books to baby burp cloths, frames everything was there. I spoke to owner Amy Howie, who is more than happy to help and always finds new items to stock. I couldn't resist looking at everything, home-decor ideas, buttons, I could go on! In the end I purchased some delicate Rose Petal beads for future projects. I came across the owner's website and am so pleased to see more idea's online and what's in stock. Although I prefer to see for myself and only a short walk away, it keeps me intrigued in what comes in.

Plain, unpainted, unfinished (ready-to-decorate) small, flat wooden letter. Paint, embellish, stain or Decopatch. Paintable craft blank.


Tattered Lace Interchangable Embossing Folders mean for the first time ever you can interchange the a range of embossing frames into any of the embossing folders creating a multitude of options. Ideal for cards, scrapbooks and other paper craft projects, this embossing folder will create the perfect pattern for you.

In my eyes , especially this day in age it can be difficult to impress someone from the younger generation of D.I.Y. Sewing, well that's what your Grandma is for. No, please no. We need to continue these wonderful hobbies in order to learn new things. Restoring old furniture rather than throwing it out? I'm currently working on a chair for my son, It's nearly 100 years old been in the family and needs some care. Surely you'd be a fool to throw something like that out. Baking? Surely it's never boring to bake? We always want to find new ideas and new trends, so why ignore our D.I.Y side? It's unique, fun and you can invite friends round to join in.
Please visit My Patina'd Heart.
I will be sharing to all my friends, thank-you for growing this community and keeping us creative.

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