Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Use Once Again

There is nothing more satisfying then seeing your child light up when you have made something for them. It is very true that making something or restoring an item is much more meaningful than purchasing from a shop. This is exactly what I did. I was kindly passed down a 'kneeling chair' almost 100 years old from Grandad Mo. He told me I could repaint it if I chose to. Originally this chair was used to change nappies for when the mother sat down so she could place the baby on her lap. (It is very low for this purpose). It was dark wood stained so I found my Annie Sloan chalk paint, perfect for the project to brighten it and give it some life and use again - this time for my son to enjoy!
If your not familiar with 'Annie Sloan' chalk paint and you like to restore, repaint or make projects using paint, I highly recommend this one. I was actually told by one of my friends who also likes to restore furniture to give this a go, the results really where great especially after using the clear wax to protect and polish the chair.
To get this chair bright and fresh looking comes with preparation and patience. Firstly I got some very fine sand paper, as the last thing I want to do is damage or sand down too much for something so old and fragile! Once I got the wood sanded down, I got a fine brush to get rid of any fine dust. Finally, time to paint! If you are using 'Annie Sloan' make sure you mix your paint well as there will be a layer of oil at the top.
This chair took me only 2 coats considering the wood was very dark that was great! Once the paint totally dried, chalk paint doesn't take too long but I left it overnight to make sure! I then got my clear wax and used a lint free cloth to buff the chair. It was wonderful to see the outcome! Leon loved it and was really simple to do! I found some lovely wooden letters that where a very reasonable price, very tempted to place them on the top on the chair with LEON written on it!I hope I have inspired you to restore something you think needs it's life back again.Mama Bee

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