Sunday, 14 June 2015

Luxurious CoYo Yoghurt

CO YO Coconut Vegan yoghurt alternative
A gift from the 'Tree of Life'

Mama Bee has been following the coconut journey for over a month now. More and more research show that this 'superfood' has an endless list of healing power. From the hydrating coconut water to the 'MCFA's' coconut oil containing healthy saturated fat. Researching the nutrition, it's uses and overall benefits - I can confirm I'm coconut mad!

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut free, Soya Free, Egg free.

'Freshly squeezed cream from the flesh of the coconut'.
CO YO have sent me their range of vegan yoghurt alternatives. Using freshly squeezed cream from the flesh of the coconut, CO YO have produced a 'Heaven in a mouthful' range with plenty of choices to offer. I will warn you that these pots are high in calories but remember, these are good fats and a brilliant source of energy or as an indulging snack. Already using and eating coconut oil this past month this was so exciting for me to try!

'Raw Chocolate'
raw chocolate yogurt

The first yoghurt I was keen to try was the tempting 'raw chocolate'! My first impressions was that in comparison to a regular Greek yoghurt, this was a far thicker texture.
Stirring the yoghurt , the coconut blended together to a creamy texture which looked heavenly! I tried the raw chocolate goodness and it was so so delicious. You can really taste the richness and goodness with a lovely chocolate coconut kick. I would recommend this more of a dessert.
Leon loved this yoghurt too!

Moving on to trying the other yoghurt's I was really tempted to try the 'Vanilla' version. I can tell these are high quality yoghurt just from seeing the vanilla pod seeds in the pot! What a lovely combination to try coconut and vanilla pairing together for a creamy dessert! I have to say, this was my favourite flavour so far! Not as thick as the raw chocolate and very subtle in flavour so could finish the pot in no trouble at all! (Again high in calories from the natural coconut so don't go overboard!) I can honestly say it was delicious! So excited to find out Ocado stock COYO.

The next day I waited to try the other flavours: Original, Mango and Mixed Berries. I have to say, tasting these were different from yesterday's. The fruit compote layer at the bottom of the pot made the texture of the yoghurt thinner and less rich than the chocolate and vanilla. Best way to describe these yoghurt's were the freshness and fruity flavour , mmm!

Understanding the coconut and it's values I will definitely keep using this 'superfood' with my family and daily lifestyle. COYO have created a wonderful product, dedicating their love for the coconut.

Please visit COYO to find out the entire journey & range!

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