Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Colour Match Chart

Numbers, colours, shapes and the alphabet. Nearly 2 years old, all of these important topics are finally being recognised & introduced through fun games and activities. Leon has been learning his colours this month and I'm amazed how many colours he has learnt already. (Including Grey, Brown, White!) Now that Leon has been using his first set of real 'felt tip pens' we needed to test them onto some good quality paper. (We are using Paper Cutz). I drew some simple circles , using mainly primary colours. The idea was to match the colour on the circle with an object(s) - Buttons & feathers in this case :) When I handed the sheet to Leon, his first reaction was pointing the colours and shouting each name. I told him to match the buttons and feathers to the colourful dots and he soon realised the game! This activity lasted about 20-30 minutes - and his concentration was incredible to watch! Really simple, really easy to do and your child will learn so much from this.

The fantastic quality paper we used was from Paper Cutz, a website who supply a wide choice and variety of craft and art paper supplies. - Perfect for those creative toddlers! They also send the paper straight to your front door, no fuss just ready to be used for anything imaginative!
Here is Leon having a go a the 'Colour Match Chart'. Remember to reuse them!

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