Friday, 17 April 2015

Exploring Painting

This morning Leon woke up early an we weren't going to sit around. We decided to do as many activities as possible. Cooking pasta, Play dough, counting buttons and painting! Painting was great fun, we found a bag of cotton buds and used them as painting brushes. Dots, stripes and shapes. We used 2 primary colours and just let Leon enjoy exploring the colour and how they mix into other colours. As the cotton buds started to get left on the table I found a bag of kitchen sponges to 'dip' into the paint and press onto the paper.
A fun, simple and creative activity. Exploring , feeling and learning different textures & patterns. Yes it can get messy but that's what mum's are for!


  1. lots of messy play and a great sensory experience!!

  2. Love this -- such a sweet invitation to paint!