Sunday, 12 April 2015

OXO 'Good Grips Herb Mincer'

With so many of us keen to cook healthy and hearty meals, herbs are an essential ingredient to making any dish. Often choosing the dried variety, we forget that fresh, quality herbs provide the best taste.

When cooking with herbs, you need to grab a handful and chop finely - this can take some time, something I don't have a lot of. OXO have designed a fantastic, simple product that let's you save time preparing & chopping your herbs.

The 'OXO Good Grips Herb Mincer' worked so well on our Sunday Roast. Straight from the front garden, we decided to pick some sage and put the stainless steel blades to the test.
I placed the herbs onto a wooden chopping board and removed the safety cap off the sharp blades. I rolled the blades up, down, left and right - within 5 seconds the sage was finely chopped. The front end of the mincer is designed to scrape the herbs into a pile for even more mincing. You can also open the mincer to wipe away any herbs that may have collected inside.

Dishwasher safe, a great accessory & must have in the kitchen. 
You can buy the 'OXO Good Grips Herb Mincer' HERE.

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