Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Garden Play

The sunniest day of the year so far and this only meant one thing, more outdoor play! We decided to visit the sandy beach this morning and by afternoon, we returned for a nap and had even more time in the garden. I can proudly say Leon is fast asleep after a very action-packed day.

Spring is one of my favourite season of the year, and I think Leon enjoys it too. Waking up to birds chirping from the nearby tree and learning new colours from the back garden flowers. Following the ants and waving to the butterflies! What a difference from a cold winter & staying indoors to keep warm. Leon now can't stop saying 'garden', 'garden!' as he is now an experienced explorer!

We loved watching Leon play at the sandy beach today. Running around to the sea with his bucket and spade - making some sort of 'mud pie' artwork. Eating his picnic with mummy & daddy (watching everyone play on the beach) and burying Daddy in the sand! - Regret not bringing my camera!

After a 3 hour nap (Yes 3 hours!) - Leon woke up at home, ready for more fun but this time in the garden. His 'Clam Shell Sandpit' that Nanny got him on his first birthday, we decided to fill one half of warm water and bubbles. FUN!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a lovely day again, I wonder what we will do next...

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