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'Layhe & Co' Smooth and Soothe Rescue Oil


Smooth & Soothe Rescue Oil……what’s it for?

'Layhe & Co' is a 'clean', passionate and NATURAL Company. I came across their wonderful range on-line reading and learning the benefits of their ingredients. I'm a strong believer in natural and organic products especially when they work. Certain oils & pure blends are important to your skin and body. When choosing products for yourself, or your children, it is vital you are using the correct one and for the right reason. 'Layhe & Co' have a neutral and pleasant aroma in their products that appeal equally to both men and women. 

I'm excited to be trying the 'Smooth and Soothe Rescue Oil'. This 'rescue blend' oil is 100% natural and have a purpose to repair the skin which has undergone exposure to the sun, high winds, pollution or other harsh chemicals. This can dry and age the skin which is in need of nourishment and care. The ingredients in this product have strong therapeutic properties and have been known to prevent problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.One of the first things I noticed about this was the fragrant smell. It contains 10 oils which is a fantastic healing property for the skin. The bottle is perfect as the cap gives your drop by drop and saves you wasting product. You only need a small amount to massage onto the skin & straight away you feel the benefits. Soft, nourished and taking in all of the essential oils that don't harm your skin and the environment. I'm so pleased to see such a passionate company who care about everyone's different skin and problems that occur in skin.
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10 Oil Ingredients:
Rice Bran Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
Jojoba Oil
Lavender Oil
Rosemary Oil
Geranium Oil
Frankincense OilYlang Ylang Oil
Peppermint Oil
Cypress Oil

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Its neutral and pleasant aroma makes it appeal equally to both men and women.
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How can it do that?

Essential oils have been at the forefront of Far Eastern and Middle Eastern beauty and medical treatments for thousands of years. It is only in the last few hundred years that the west has benefited from the magical properties of Essential Oils – arguably Nature’s best legacy to the human race.
“Smooth and Soothe Rescue Oil” has been formulated from a detailed study of the known therapeutic and anecdotal properties of a range of 10 such oils and formulated to give maximum benefit to skin tired from exposure to the elements. All of the ingredients have listed against them, skin nourishment properties and healing factors, some more than others.
Rice Bran Oil, the main carrier ingredient, is a staple component of oriental skin and hair treatment oils. It contains antioxidant vitamin E and hydrates the skin making it softer and as smooth as velvet, by boosting the skin regeneration process. It does not clog pores and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It is easily absorbed making it feel less oily after a while.
Wheat germ oil is another main ingredient. It is well known for its vitamin E content but not so well known for its vitamin B range both, of which stimulate tissue growth and facilitate trace elements and nutrients transfer to cells, rescuing tissues from permanent damage. (Some psoriasis treatments and eczema treatments use it).
Jojoba Oil helps the skin to retain moisture which relieves flaky skin. It is said to unclog pores which makes it useful in acne treatments where it mimics sebum, the stuff of nightmare spots.
Lavender Oil is the first of the essence oils or “essential oils” as they are more commonly known. It is lethal to bacteria and certain skin dwelling insects and reduces the danger of skin being scarred by infections and wounds. In stronger concentrations it has been used for other skin surface complaints like shingles.
Rosemary Oil is astringent and rejuvenating, reducing wrinkles and bags on the skin by stimulating cell regrowth, and rescuing dark spots on the skin by lightening them. It has been used on its own for treating common chronic skin conditions.
Geranium Oil is another astringent capable of tightening up the skin, wound healing and scar tissue prevention and repair, and dark spot reduction.
Frankincense oil is probably the most effective of our decagon of oils, for fading scars, including stretch and surgery marks, sun spots, micro wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks, replacing dying cells with new healthy ones, hence its scarcity and high value.
Ylang Ylang Oil, a well-known aphrodisiac, has remarkable skin healing and bactericidal properties. It also regularises sebum production in those who have a problem with certain types of eczema.
Peppermint oil has been included for its pore opening qualities to allow the other oils to penetrate quicker. At the same time it stimulates increased local circulation to speed up cell growth and skin rejuvenation.
Cypress Oil has been included for its muscle contraction properties and its ability to tighten up skin.
Smooth & Soothe Rescue Oil

NOTE: This product is not intended for use as a treatment for sunburn. In this sense it is not an “After Sun” treatment. Please seek medical advice if trouble by sunburn.

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