Thursday, 9 April 2015

Jungle Garden

Spring is here and the sun is out! This week's theme at Mama Bee is all about nature, messy-play and exploring - so we decided to do just that!

Winter is over - the animals come out to play!

The very first thing I did to Leon was take his shoes and socks off. 'Ahhh' 'This is new' There's nothing better then feeling the grass between your toes one minute and the feeling of sand the next. (I could tell Leon was realising it felt different!) -  Learning different Textures

Another lovely game was playing with Leon's Zoo animals. What's the point of them being stuck inside the living room floor when they can explore the wonderful 'JUNGLE GARDEN'

Here are some photo's of what we've been up to:

"Tiger visiting the sand pit for the first time" 

"Rhino can balance too!"
"This is cold on my toes!"


 "Drink time!"

"And relax!"

Leon & his Zoo animals had so much fun in the 'Jungle Garden'. They explored everywhere and even met a few tiny animals along the way. What a great way to explore the outdoors with your tiny friends!


  1. So fun! We are so glad it's finally springtime here - my boys have loved being able to get back outside in the warm weather. I'm going to encourage them to bring out some animals or dinos to play with in the yard this week.

  2. It really is! :) I'm fed up of all these toys inside when they can finally be outside! It's a great way to explore !!
    Have a lovely week! & Thank you for your comment!


  3. what a great outdoor sensory experience!

  4. Potty Mouthed Mum14 April 2015 at 20:07

    Can't beat outdoor sunny play, adore those sandy toes!! Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for linking to #countluckystars xxx

  5. Don't you just love and hate the feeling of sand in between your toes! Great little post. Who doesn't love messy play! Thank you for linking to #countluckystars and I hope to see you again tomorrow x